Back in the Saddle • North Jersey Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer I typically work with stills….however it is fun to view them in motion….Push play to watch this little video of our shoot. Scroll down for details, thoughts, and still photos.

This adorable baby boy newborn session was just two months after I had my baby boy. It was my first newborn session since having my son.  Although not exactly easy to leave my wee little one behind, it was great to be back at it again.
I arrived at their home to find a sweet, gentle baby who even gave me a smile or two. Furthermore, had the most adorable bubbly lips and I am still obsessed with the soft waves of his hair, especially by his ears. I don’t know what about it specifically, but it melted my heart at the shoot and continues to every time I see the pictures of it. The parents asked that the block which reads “All because two people fell in love” be used in a photo.  I am surprised about how much I love how that photo came out. I don’t typically use text in my photos or use too many props and decor, but there is something very heartwarming about that one to me.

My Takeaway

Although not the easiest session for me with leaving my newborn and being a bit of a postpartum mess, his session will always be special to me, probably for all of those reasons.

That subtle smile and peaceful sleep melts my heart.

Those waves……I’m OBSESSED!

There is something so beautiful and so fleeting about baby skin, especially this flaky kind. I know most moms don’t love it and I can and will edit it out on request, but I just love it. The texture, the rarity, the story it tells…..

I love it when an image surprises me. It’s happens less and less with digital photography, but this one did. I truly love this one with the sign and that was a surprise for me.

We fight so hard to keep away wrinkles as an adult, but on a newborn they are adorable.

Yes!!! Another smile.

He has the best hair of any of my newborns so far.

Tiny bubbles