Photographs are modern heirlooms. The imagery captured today will be passed down through your family for years to come. Your grandmother’s scarf, grandfather’s pocket watch, great grandparent’s Hummel figurines….they are all special in their own way. But do they hold the same emotional power that a photograph does of them on their wedding day? Or on the day they held you for the first time as a newborn?

We all connect to photographs in a very real way. Seeing old photographs brings us to tears. The photographs taken today will become those old photographs to your children and your children’s children. Don’t you owe it to yourself and to your future family to have beautiful, professional portraits taken to be passed down and cherished for years to come?   Don’t wait for life’s big events, lets get together and capture your life today.

If you are searching for a fully custom and highly personalized experience, you have found the right place. Together we will work to create beautiful, timeless art pieces that will speak to your soul and make your heart sing. You will have the opportunity to experience this beauty everyday, as you live with the imagery displayed on your walls and printed in high end albums. 

Daneen Augello Photography is a full service, bespoke photography studio specializing in maternity, newborn, & family portraits. Daneen Augello Photography also offers personal branding, headshots, and event photography. Daneen is an award winning, internationally exhibited photographer who creates Fine Art Photographic Imagery in Bergen County, New Jersey. Her studio serves North Jersey, NYC,  and the surrounding areas.