I'm Daneen

A believer, thinker, observer, creator

I like to come from a place of gratitude so....thank you for checking out my page and an even bigger thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. I am a believer in energy, the energy that people exude and that exists between us. At the risk of sounding like a boho hippie, although I have been known to be just that,....when it comes to my work, I truly believe that we must share good vibes in order to create beautiful photographs together. I bring a warm, welcoming, relaxed energy to every session and will see and capture the beauty of you. 


“There is one thing the photo must contain – the humanity of the moment.”
– Robert Frank


I Believe Life’s Big Events Are Wonderful, but the Little Moments of Everyday Life Hold the  Most Magic and Beauty.

Do you ever wonder why we only consider hiring a photographer for life's big events?

Yes, they hold many memories...moments we never want to forget and those photographs hold those memories for us. We can go back and relive those moments through those images for the rest of our life, we can pass them down and tell the stories of that day to our family members who weren't there.

But....don't our everyday lives hold moments and memories that we want to hold on to too? The sweet look our children have when they are being comforted in our arms, the way they were too small to reach a pantry door handle, how tiny their fingers or head was when held in our hands, even the look of our backyard before the trees grew tall.



The littlest moments, the most fleeting moments of everyday life, feel just as important to me as the big ones. They are intimate and emotional, they are silly and sad....and they pass us by all too quickly.

Don't you owe it to yourself and your future self and family to capture these memories today?

I have a great love of both outdoor, on location photography as well as classic studio portraiture.

My studio is conveniently located in Wyckoff, NJ and is fully equipped for all types of portrait sessions. It is a comfortable space that allows for you to relax while I work with other family members. I offer snacks and refreshments for you to enjoy. If you prefer an outdoor location, I have a long list of varying places which offer very different looks. I also offer a client closet for all of my sessions. It features a wide variety of hand selected dresses and clothing for all of my clients. If you choose to not use the closet, I will guide you in all of your styling decisions.

baby clothing
close up clothing
newborn crown hat
Pregnant woman in a green dress
  • I Am a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunt
  • I Have Three Little Love Bugs Who Mean the World to Me
  • I Love to Travel and Have Been to Many Places in the World, but Still, One of My Absolute Favorite Places on Earth Is on a Dance Floor
  • I Have Spent Most of My Adult Life Working as a Lampworker. That Flame in My Heart Will Never Truly Go Out
  • My Favorite Sound Is My Children Calling Me Mama. I Never Thought I Would Like That Name Really
  • I Love Peeling the Protective Plastic Coating Off of New Electronics
  • There Is Nothing Like the Feeling of a Really Good Catch or Goal
  • My Favorite Smell Is Tomato Sauce Cooking in an Air-conditioned Kitchen. It’s the Smell of My Childhood at My Grandma’s House
  • I Have a Slight Obsession With Shoes, but if I Could, I Would Always Go Barefoot.
  • I’ve Always Been the Last One to Leave
  • Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love Diamonds….but Really My Best Friends Are My Best Friends
  • I Take the Yoga Philosophy to Lead With Your Heart to Heart
  • I Rarely Paint My Nails, but When I Do, It’s Pretty Much Always Red
  • My Husband and I Still Look for Shapes in the Clouds Together
  • My Favorite Flowers Are Poppies, Peonies, and White Anemones
  • Planes, and the Simple Fact That They Can Fly, Will Always Amaze Me
  • I Unapologetically Love Tie-dye and Disco
  • I Love Organized Sports, but Playground Games Like Dodge Ball or Tag Always Gave Me Anxiety….They Still Do