Have we met? Family Photography by Daneen Augello

The minute I met this family, I knew we were going to have a good day. It’s just like that sometimes…sometimes people just click and that is what happened with this family. I felt like old pals with the parents, especially the mom, and the kids were having fun and goofing around. I was surprised later to find out that I scheduled this session right in the middle of their naps and that they had both been sleeping in the car on the way. I couldn’t believe it. I got lucky though. This was a big mistake on my part and it could have blown up in my face. Luckily it didn’t. One of my “rules” for myself is to never book a session during the kid’s nap time for obvious reasons. I totally forgot to ask about it. I will blame that misstep on being 38 weeks pregnant. But I got lucky and it all worked out.
We took a bit of a risk and did some photos at the barn close to where we originally booked the shoot. Finding a barn in Bergen County New Jersey is not the easiest so we got lucky and it paid off. I love how the reds of their shirts pop off the white wash of the barn. The best part is that the photos were perfect for a holiday card without being overly “holidayish”.  I think you could hang these on your walls all year round.
Enjoy the collection below.

Y-1 copy

DSC_8959 copy_blog

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DSC_8984 copy

Being a family photographer means finding the natural moments in the posed images.  They tend to be my favorite.

DSC_8977 copy

DSC_8994c copy_blog

Throwing leaves is so last fall ;)…..just kidding I will totally do it again this year.

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Perfect for the holiday card.

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Being a good parent sometimes means letting them go and watching them do their own thing.

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DSC_9198 copy

Other times it means staying close and protecting them from a fall.

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DSC_9162 copy_blog

Or teaching them about all the curiosities that live among us.

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